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Search a professional in your area, and immediately available.
Are you a professional? Be there in your area immediately.
Looking for an open workshop in your area?
Your customers want to know if you are operating?

My-point is the solution !
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My-point is your job

Promote your work in your city.



A special feature allows the application to register as a professional and then to search and find professionals in a radius of 4/8/16 km. Your phone will be displayed and the job is yours. You're a plumber, a carpenter, you are a driver or deliver pizzas at home? Buy a ticket as a professional
( 1.99 €/30 days ), choose your profession and enables or disables your availability when you want, in the hours that you prefer. In your city, in your area, you will be easily traced and then contacted.


Why purchase a ticket?
Buy a ticket to promote your profession or your shop, a tool to increase visibility and reach potential customers in your area.
Your website may not be enough!
Your professionalism in fingertip.
Your mobile number will ring when someone close to your location will need your job.
Locksmith, plumber, car with chauffeur, gardener, pizza and much more.
Buy a ticket and choose your profession.


You can manage your working hours, when you want, how you want.

Your profession is traveling? The application will show you where you are at that moment: if today you are in a district of London, will be displayed as a professional in that area of London; Paris? You will be displayed as a professional in that area of Paris!

With the button "mark lat&lon" your geographic location will be stored and made visible to users in the area.


Buy a ticket. Spread the use of this tool at your customers and they will know if you are available at any time and therefore operating. You never miss a business and ricaverai the most out of your profession.
My-point is not responsible for trade relations between users. Any business relationships between users will be the sole responsibility of the users themselves. My-point does not create commercial contracts between users and does not check the professionalism of the users themselves. My-point is a social network, an aggregator, a meeting point for users. Using my-point become solely responsible for your behavior.

The ticket can be purchased directly from the application and enabled Android.

You need a good internet connection !

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My-point un progetto italiano a cura di Enrico Zingaretti, p.iva 12614531007